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The Arcade Room is OPEN!

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We are honored to be your host here in beautiful Brunswick County, Virginia where you will find one of the cleanest and clearest quarry’s in the mid-Atlantic region. Because of the water quality and the picturesque location in the small town of Rawlings, Lake Phoenix is a multi-purpose site that provides opportunities to swim, snorkel, kayak, and scuba dive. There are numerous roofed pavilions where divers can don and doff their gear. 

Besides the water activities available, visitors can fully enjoy camping (RV sites with electricity), overnight rental spaces for trailers/campers, picnic areas, kayak, paddle boat, volleyball court and more. 

For visitors who simply want to enjoy nature and "get away from it all", the surrounding environment provides ample opportunities to rest and relax. Nature lovers may see an abundance of wild-life including beaver, turtles, deer, a wide variety of bird species, & squirrels.  Look close enough, you may see a Velvet “cow killer” ant! 

The water of the lake (quarry) is supplied by an active aquifer, & offers a spectacular underwater world with outstanding visibility, filled with colorful and friendly fish (bluegill & bass that we consider our pets; no fishing allowed), turtles, & crawfish. There are also amazing granite walls and underwater rock formations that will take your breath away. Lake surface temperatures during the summer can exceed 80 degrees (f). There are distinct thermoclines that stay around 44 degrees (f), making wetsuits and drysuits necessary for divers who like exploring the deeper areas. Winter water temperatures can get below 50 degrees (f)

Numerous large objects have been submerged in the quarry (a plane, helicopter, several vans and buses, boats, etc.), giving divers interesting things to see and explore. There is a large posted dive map near the docks that will help orient you as you plan your dive to visit those attractions. 

Groups and families alike will appreciate and fully enjoy our facility, making a visit to Lake Phoenix a perfect Virginia get-away and/or vacation spot!

Lake Phoenix 
SCUBA Park & Family Campgrounds
Phone: (804) 716-2199
Lake Phoenix 
SCUBA Park & Family Campgrounds
Tent Camping
RVs Welcome Water & Electric
Annual RV Campers
.RVs Welcome Water & Electric
Covered Pavilions
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~78 -  ~   20'
~55 -  ~ Bottom
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