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Terms & Conditions
- Reservations are accepted starting two (2) weeks prior to your event.
- Classroom space available during the week for ~ 20 individuals Dining area of The Deco Stop
- Classroom space in the Arcade with seating for ~ 12.
- Classroom space available during normal hours, other times on request
- Classroom space will be left clean and trash free, checked upon completion for the day.
- Note that your reservation is NOT CONFIRMED until you are contacted via e-mail by our representative where they will confirm availability or STANDBY request.  
    Please allow 24-48 hours for this contact.

- A reservation is required to use of the Classroom space.  Classroom unused or unoccupied by 10am on the day of reservation will be considered abandon (you are a no show) unless previously coordinated e.g. let us know in the comments area that you will be arriving late; with expected time of arrival.  
- Multiple day reservation will be considered abandon for the duration if abandoned the first day

To cancel a reservation:   
- Please provide 48-hour notification if you cancel a classroom request.
Please enter use of classroom, your organization, and any comments, questions or special requirements
Reservation request accepted starting TWO (2) weeks prior to your event. 
One reservation per visit.
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I understand the Classroom Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy is a minimum 48 hours Notice.
I understand the Classroom fee does not include entrance, visitor or diving and I understand all other Terms & Conditions herein