Read carefully before booking or registering an event.

-The Lake Phoenix Paint Ball fields are located in Rawlings, VA. with dedicated fields for your enjoyment.  Please schedule your event via the website and contact us should your have questions. 

-No walk up customers allowed at any events. All players and groups will be checked for proper credentials before entering the playing field and before the catered portion of the event. Strictly Enforced

-All players must be 13 years of age or older for all events, 10 or older for private groups and kid friendly events.

-Complete an on line event request and we will get back with you on exact date and time availability.

-Directions to the event facility are on this webiste.

- Please fill out an "Event Request Form" and submit at least 5 days prior to the event date.

-Call (804) 716-2199 if you have not received, after 48 hours of the event request, an email from us. 

-A $20 deposit per person or payment in full is required 5 days prior to event date. All major credit cards accepted for deposit. The event "request form" must be submitted before a deposit is to be made.  We know changes occur and will work as needed as you add or remove players.

-Groups booking a weekday event or book under 5 days before the event may be required to prepay their event in full.

-Cancellations 3 days before the event will not be penalized with the exception of the credit card fee..

-Events will continue rain or shine. If there is a cancellation by Lake Phoenix PaintBall due to adverse weather conditions, the event will be rescheduled with no penalty to the group. Group leaders have up to 1 year to reschedule the event.

-Cancellations or no shows within 36 hours, one and a half days, before the event will result in lost deposits, $20 per player plus the cost of any meal upgrades. If the event was paid in full, the group leader may choose to reschedule the event upon a $15 per player re-booking fee, otherwise the remaining balance will be refunded within 30 days after the event date if the group does not reschedule. 

-Groups below the minimum player requirement the day of the event must pay in full up to the minimum required players, forfeit deposits up to the reserved number of players, and pay the difference on any group package and meal upgrades as needed. Lost deposits may not be rolled over to the final payment of the event and are just that LOST DEPOSITS.

-Due to limited supplies, groups or players considering additional rentals or rental upgrades are recommended to check availability and reserve the rentals well before their event date.

-All groups and players MUST Check-In at least 1 hour before their event start time and complete the on line waiver prior to arrival.  Minors, this must be signed by the parent or legal guardian.

-Group leaders must collect any remaining money due and ensure all waivers for their group have been completed prior to event check in.

-A valid driver's license or state issued I.D. as well as a credit card may be required the day of the event as a security deposit against missing equipment or remaining financial obligations. 

-Most forms of payment, except "checks", are accepted for final payment and additional purchases.

-Air fill stations open 1 hour before the first event and close after the start of the last game of the day.  Max fill 3000 psi air.

-Air systems that are out of date will not be filled, altered goggle systems from their original manufactured state, and any other products not up to the ASTM standards will not be allowed on the field. Strictly Enforced

-No "pets" allowed on the property. Strictly Enforced

-Drugs and alcohol are "NOT" allowed on the property and / or during play, if caught with either, the offending person(s) will be informed to leave the facility, escorted off as needed, without a refund. Strictly Enforced

-This is a family-friendly facility, abusive language, fighting, as well as smoking in the staging area and on the field will not be tolerated. Strictly Enforced.  Lake Phoenix is a no smoking facility.

-It is strongly recommended that players wear dark, older, and loose fitting clothes and are required to wear long sleeved shirts, long pants. Players MAY NOT WEAR metal spiked shoes or cleats. Players also may not wear open footwear such as flip flops or sandals. Strictly Enforced

-All participants must use event paintballs which maybe reserved for or purchased from Lake Phoenix PaintBall. Any players shooting non-event paintballs must forfeit the paintballs and may be subjected to leave the playing field without a refund. Strictly Enforced

- No outside food is allowed unless it is cake and ice cream etc for birthdays. The group leader will need to provide utensils tables and other logistics for those food items.  Additionally you are responsible for all cleanup after the event. Please coordinate this in advance and let  us know if you need an easy up or two (additional fees apply)

-All players and guests must follow the rules and guidelines as stated in the pre-event briefing. Strictly Enforced

-Lake Phoenix LLC, Lake Phoenix SCUBA PARK and Family Campgrounds and Lake Phoenix PaintBall are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

-Players or groups expelled from the facility will not be refunded and any remaining charges due will be paid in full.

-Prices and details are subject to change without notice please call (804) 716-2199 for current rates and info.


When played correctly, Paintball is extremely safe. Please pay close attention to these rules, which have been designed for your protection. 
The single most important piece of equipment is your goggles.  Paintballs travel at up to 200 miles per hour! This makes for impacts, which feel like a hard thump or being popped with a towel.  These shots may leave a welt on your body, and they WILL permanently remove an UNPROTECTED eye!  Any time you are on or near the playing field, you must have your goggles on. 
In the event that your goggles come off during a game, you will immediately cover your eyes with your hands, drop to the ground and shout "CEASE FIRE! MY GOGGLES ARE OFF!"  Everyone is to stop shooting, place his or her markers on the ground and remain in place.  The nearest referee will come to you and assist you in putting your goggles back on. The referee will shout, "GAME ON!" to restart the game when it is safe. 
Just because you are eliminated from a game does NOT mean that you can remove your goggles! You must not take off your goggles until you are well off the playing field area and in a safe area where barrel plugs are required. 
Another important piece of equipment you have is the barrel plug (pointing to plug).  This safety device will supplement the marker's safety switch.  At any time when you are not actually playing, or shooting at the target range, you must have the barrel plug in your marker.  You must put on your goggles prior to walking out of a safe area. Safe areas are where players are required to have barrel plugs in their markers at all times. The referee on the playing field will tell you when you can remove your barrel plug.  When you are eliminated from a game you should raise your marker above your head and yell "I'm Out!" which signals the other players that you are out.  You will then immediately proceed towards the neutral zone and then put your barrel plug in your marker.  DO NOT LEAVE THE PLAYING FIELD WITHOUT YOUR BARREL PLUG IN YOUR MARKER; and DO NOT REMOVE YOUR GOGGLES UNTIL YOU ARE WELL AWAY FROM THE PLAYING FIELD IN A SAFE AREA! 
Splats larger than a quarter anywhere, including on your equipment, count as an elimination.  Remember if a ball hits you but does not break, you're still in the game.  If however you feel the impact and call yourself out, you ARE out. 
If you feel an impact but cannot tell if it broke, you should call "Paint Check".  The referee will come to you and look for a splat.  The referee will make every effort to check you without interrupting play.   
If the referee feels it's necessary to stop play he will call you neutral.  The referee will signal this by holding a hand straight up.  He may then ask you to move around to allow him to thoroughly check you for splats.  If the referee finds that you are marked he will signal that you are eliminated by placing one hand on his head and pointing with the other to the eliminated player.  If he determines that you not marked, he will call you clean and will signal by waving his hands above his head and saying "Player is Clean" allowing you to resume play.  Remember, after you are eliminated from the game, you cannot talk or assist anyone still in the game. 
That’s a recap of the important safety and game information.  But remember, before you play… Be sure to have someone who is familiar with the equipment you will be using, show you how to use it properly.  You should know how to load and unload your marker, and how to use the safety.  You must also be sure that your goggles fit properly, and are in good condition. Have someone help you adjust the goggles if they feel loose. They should fit snug and should not have any paint or scratches on the lens.  And above all, they should be made specifically for paintball. 
Play Safe, Play Hard, and Have Fun! 

General Safety Rules of Play
Safety Rules
1.  All players MUST be wearing Goggles and Face Masks prior to entering playing areas, the target range, or the chronograph area.
2.  All players MUST put in place Barrel Block prior to exiting playing areas, the target range, or the chronograph area.
3.  Each player MUST have their paintball marker chronographed prior to game play.  Paintball markers may not exceed 285 feet per second for outdoor games.
4.  No shooting paintballs outside the designated areas.
5.  Prior to participation in games, each player must go through safety orientation and complete their waiver and watch the safety and policy video prior being allowed on the field.
6.  No marker repair or work in the public rest areas or any where there are people without goggles. 

1.  Referees' calls are final.
2.  Talking back to referees will not be tolerated and could get you removed from the field.
3.  Disputes with a call made by your referee should be taken up with the head referee.
4.  Do not shoot the referees.
5.  If a referee is in your line of fire, ask them to move.
6.  Do not use referees for cover.

Paint Checks
1.  Call paint check to get a referee to check you for paint hits.  Do not waste other players' time with obviously unnecessary paint checks.
2.  Players being checked for paint hits by a referee are out of play until a determination is made. 
3.  If you call "Out", you are out.  If you are in doubt, call "Paint Check" first.

General Rules
1.  No blind firing.  Know your target and engage.
2.  No discharging paintball markers outside the designated shooting areas.
3.  No shooting at people not wearing protective equipment.
4.  No carrying or moving the bunkers or field items.
5.  No knifes or other weapons
6.  No wiping off paint hits while still on the field, wipers will be removed from the field
7.  No talking while exiting the field (no advising teammates, no taunting, etc.)
8.  No drinks or food within playing areas
9.  No alcohol, tobacco, or drugs allow on Lake Phoenix at Any Time.
10.  No foul language.
11.  Offer your opponent the opportunity to surrender if you are within ~15 ft. 
12.  Once eliminated, raise your gun and arm over your head and move quickly toward the exit.
13.  Exit the field as quickly and quietly as possible.
14.  Put on Barrel Block prior to exiting the field. 
15.  No pets allowed in the PaintBall area.
16.  Use only Lake Phoenix balls.
17.  When hit call out "HIT" and leave the field, Hands Up, Plug In No Talking
18.  If you are Barrel Tagged then you are hit, leave the field, Hands Up, Plug In No Talking

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