Specials & Discounts

Group Camping Discount Groups of 10 or more save when the group leader submits all fees and waivers for the entire group. Save on diving with Punch Cards! NOTE: Camping fees do not include admission fees.

Recreational Diver - 10 admit pass 1 diver for 10 days, 10 divers for 1 day, or anything in between!

Recreational Diver - 10 admit pass + Tank & Air (your cylinder or ours*) 1 diver for 10 days, 10 divers for 1 day, with tank rental & unlimited air included or anything in between!

Recreational Diver - 10 admit pass + Tank & NITROX (your cylinder or ours*) 1 diver for 10 days, 10 divers for 1 day, with tank rental & unlimited NITROX included or anything in between!

The Camper Special (Air), Any TWO Consecutive days of Diving admission, Tent Camping for TWO nights, and Unlimited Air Fills (your cylinder or ours*

The Camper Special (EANx), Any TWO Consecutive days of Diving, Tent Camping for TWO nights, and Unlimited NITROX Fills (your cylinder or ours*)

Air Fill Card: 10 fills                                 $81.00

Air Fill Card: 20 fills                                $153.00

NITROX Fill Card: 10 fills                        $184.50

NITROX Fill Card: 20 fills                        $348.50

Visitor, Swimmer card: 10 entrances     $126.00  * Show Diver Certification for discounts

Single Tank Air Fill                                     $9.00

Single Tank Nitrox Fill                              $20.50

RV/Camper Annual / Monthly Contract  
RV/Camper Annual / Monthly Contract w/ Sewer
                   (call for pricing)​​

Daily Admission  

Scuba Diver (per person per day)
Thursday to Monday                                 $31.00
Thursday to Monday + Tank & Air             $49.25
Thursday to Monday + Tank & NITROX    $64.25

Mid Week Summer Season only (Tuesday, Wednesday)                                 $21.75                            
Mid Week Summer Season only (Tuesday, Wednesday) + Tank & Air             $34.50
Mid Week Summer Season only (Tuesday, Wednesday) + Tank & NITROX    $45.00

​Freediver (per person per day)      $13.50

Visitor, Swimmer, Snorkeler Admission (per person per day)
Weekend & Weekday (each adult or child)    $14.00     * Show Diver Certification for discounts
Children under < 6    $00.00

Camping (per person per night) 
Tent Camper NO Reservation needed. NOTE: Camping fees does not include admission fee.  $13.50 + Admission

Tent Camper with Visitor Entrance NO Reservation needed. 1 Night, 2 days visitor Admission $32.00 (No off the street swimmers on Saturday)

Optional Electric (1ea, 15A Receptacle tent site, per night) for tent camper, Reservation Required NOTE: Electric fee does not include admission or camping fees.     $9.00 + Admission & Camping

RV Electric / Water up to 4 individuals per night, Reservation Required NOTE: RV Camping fees do not include admission fee, visitor or diver.    $59.75 + Admission

​Classroom Rental (Reservation Required, Select here)   $65.00

Pavilion Rental (Reservation Required select here for reservation page)

Weekend Daily Rate (Saturday or Sunday)        $26.75                        Weekend Waterside 1, 2, or H                            $75.00
Weekday Daily Rate (Monday - Friday)               $16.00                       Weekday Waterside 1, 2, or H                             $48.00


Equipment Rental  (Select here for Equipment reservation page)  OR (Print and bring form with you)
                                                        (Walk in equipment request, other than cylinders and weights, will be filled after 10:00)
All rentals are per person per day.  Daily rentals must be returned NLT 30 min prior to shop closing.​

Complete Scuba Package includes One Day Admission (BCD, tank, regulator, console, mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit, and boots; with UNLIMITED AIR FILLS)        $125.00

Scuba Unit, Wetsuit, Boots & Fins, (3 air fills) includes One Day Admission   $99.00

Tank + unlimited air fills                 $20.50

NITROX Tank + unlimited fills        $35.75

Full Wet Suit (3mm or 7mm)           $23.00

Shortie Wet Suit                              $17.25

BCD w/low pressure inflator            $28.75

Regulator w/SPG console                $36.75

Regulator w/Computer console        $6.00

Lift Bag / SMB                     $8.00

Compass                             $11.75

Under Water Camera          $37.50

Life jacket (PFD)                  $4.00​

NOTE: See more about our AIR, NITROX and OXYGEN fills and Cylinder acceptance.  For your safety and ours we will not fill older metal or Walter Kidd aluminum cylinders.  Your FSO will determine at time of fill.  ALL EANx cylinders must be labeled O2 cleaned  CGA G 4.1
Military, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters We are honored to offer you a 10% discount on regular diving admission anytime with a valid ID card.

We are a full-service diving destination, offering SCUBA diving, a family campgrounds, swimming, RV Park, and Paint Ball park  and other specialized services to our guests.  We hope to have you come for a visit and stay a while.

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa

Please Note:
    - INSTRUCTORS and DIVEMASTERS:  Instructors get in free with three paying diving students, add a Divemasters for free once you
    have five or more paying scuba divers on your manifest.  Let us help you find the least expensive way to have the most fun!
    - Your C-card, or driver's license is required for entrance and as collateral on all equipment rentals
    - All rentals and air fills are charged daily unless otherwise noted; e.g. Campers Special.
    - One day rental equipment used overnight must be turned in within 30 minutes of opening the following morning or will be subject to an 
    additional days rental
    - * UNLIMITED AIR Pricing applies to Your Cylinder or Our Rental Cylinder  Only our Rental Cylinders have direct exchange when 
    available.  Your Cylinder refills  must be in prior to 16:00 for same day refills and wait times will apply.
    - Rental gear must be returned 30 min prior to store closing.
    - All pricing is per person, per day, ending at Midnight, unless specified differently; e.g. RV site includes 4 individuals in the camper for the daily camping fee, admission extra.
    - All prices are subject to change without notice

Filming a movie or just throwing a really big party? Go ahead and take the Lake area! The Lake and or PaintBall area are available for private use to qualified parties.

As a service to the community, diving and non-diving as well as other related specialized groups, Lake Phoenix is available for private use to qualified individuals, groups, organizations, and public service agencies. Fees will vary according to the nature and duration of the activity  as well as the season.  You will find the best rates for private use will be November - March, during the Winter Season.

To find out how you or your organization or group may qualify, send a brief proposal via e-mail (804) 716-2199, or mail Lake Phoenix, One Quarry Lane, Rawlings, VA 23876).

Please include the following elements in your proposal:
- the name of the group or organization, etc.
- contact name and phone number
- address (street, city, state, zip)
- nature of the activity
- duration and requested dates of the activity 

Someone will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your proposal, and to discuss how your objectives compare to the overall standards developed by our staff.  If you or your organization qualify, an agreement will be developed and executed to the satisfaction of all parties.

During the private use period, our management and staff shall remain on-site and maintain control of the property at all times.

We offers two types of contracts.

Our Public Safety Divers, Military, and Corporate contract is specifically designed to support our hard working safety teams or corporations.   
This contract allows you and your dive team to come and use the facility during the week or anytime in the off seasons to train. 
Come enjoy our great facility to get the most out of your training time and dollar.

Annual / Monthly Camping contract allows camping for you and your immediate family members (up to 4 individuals listed on contract) to enjoy 
storage of your recreational vehicle and camping for a full year at one great price.  Diving and visitor fee may apply.
For more information contact our contract manager at (804) 716-2199.

Need Air?   Air Quality Questions? 
- Lake Phoenix has ~ 40 cubic feet per minute (CFM) capability in our compressor line and over 15,000 CF of banked Air storage.  
- We also offer EANx32 (NITROX 32).  We bank premix with over 1000 CF of dedicated storage. Other blends (%) available on request. 
- All of our staff are trained Fill Station Operators and most are blender certified which ensures you get the best in breathing air.   
- Oxygen fills available on request and based on CF requirements.  Pressures up to 2400.
- Testing is accomplished quarterly and daily maintenance is performed and logged whenever compressors are used.
- Stop in and let us show you how all this comes together for your quality Air or NITROX fill with Oxygen Compatable Air (OCA)..
- Please note for your safety and ours we will not fill older metal or Walter Kidd aluminum cylinders. Your FSO will determine at time of fill.  
See below for cylinder information.

Visual Inspection out of date? 
We have the professionals that can solve this for you.  With our VIP program we log the findings of your scuba tank every time we see it to ensure minor items (if any) never become a problem.

NOTE: Revised Edition: CGA G-4.1, 
Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service 
January 4, 2019
Cleaning of Equipment for Oxygen Service, an 
internationally harmonized publication. This publication 
describes the cleaning methods and requirements for 
equipment used in the production, storage, distribution, 
and use of liquid and gaseous oxygen to reduce the 
risk of fire, explosion, or promotion of combustion. 
Cleaning in accordance with this publication is required 
for all surfaces in contact with a gas or liquid that has 
an oxygen concentration greater than 23.5%

We value your contributions to Lake Phoenix and when you purchase a punch card please know it never expires!  We look forward to having you diving camping or just visiting us soon.
Except for punch cards, all services must be used in (2) weeks when purchased through our on line store. Please select your use by date when you make the purchase.
Lake Phoenix SCUBA Park & Family Campgrounds
Phone: (804) 716-2199    LakePhoenixVA@gmail.com
* UNLIMITED AIR Pricing applies to Your Cylinder or Our Rental Cylinder 
Only our Rental Cylinders have direct exchange when available.  Your Cylinder refills must be in prior to  16:00 for same day refills and wait times will apply. IF YOUR CYLINDER, ONLY ONE CYLINDER WILL BE DESIGNATED AS UNLIMITED. ALL Prices are per person per day unless noted.

save 10%





Hood                      $7.50

Booties                 $13.50

Gloves                    $8.00

Mask & snorkel     $15.50

Fins                         $8.50

Weight belt              $5.25

Reel / Slate             $5.25

Weights, per pound (soft or hard) $.10

Underwater flashlight (large)     $14.25

Underwater flashlight (small)      $11.00

Underwater compass                 $11.75

Kayak / Paddle Boat.                  $26.75
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 NOTE:  ALL EANx cylinders must be labeled O2 cleaned CGA G 4.1
<-- Cylinder was manufactured in 1993.  For your safety and our we will not fill aluminum cylinders older than 1989  Ask your FSO for more information