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Terms & Conditions
- Reservations and standby list request are accepted starting two (2) weeks prior to your event.
- Priority users can submit list for extended time periods / dates. Please use he comments block below for list.
- Pavilions are available to the leasing dive organization provided reservation is made 48 hours in advance.
- Pavilions not reserved by this time are eligible for standby request. 
- Note that your reservation is NOT CONFIRMED until you are contacted via e-mail by our representative where they will confirm availability or STANDBY request.  Please allow 24-48 hours for this contact.
- STANDBY request will be honored on a first come basis.  There is no guarantee of availability or location. 
- Standby list is posted Friday preceding the weekend of use at the shop and subject to change.

- A reservation is required to use a pavilion.  Pavilions unoccupied by 10am on the day of reservation will be considered abandon (you are a no show) unless previously coordinated e.g. let us know in the comments area that you will be arriving late; with expected time of arrival. 
- Multiple day reservation will be considered abandon for the duration if abandoned the first day

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- Please provide 48-hour notification if you cancel a pavilion request.
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STANDBY reservation request accepted starting TWO (2) weeks prior to your event.
One reservation per visit.
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