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NOTE: Payment in full required at the time of confirmation.
Terms & Conditions:
- Check in time is 15:00.  Check-out time is 14:00. on the date of departure, prior arrangements excluded. 
- Bunkhouse includes stay for only those listed.
- Restroom facilities are at the bathhouse.
- Fee does not include Visitor or Diving entrance.  
- Your reservation is NOT COMPLETE OR CONFIRMED until you are phoned by our representative where they will ask you for your payment information.  
- We will confirm the day prior to your visit and obtain payment at that time.
Submission of this request and phone confirmation equates to credit card signature authorization.
STANDBY e-mail response indicates nothing currently available.  We will contact you should something becomes available for the requested dates.

-  A reservation is best
-  Walk ins Welcome.  

To cancel a reservation:
- As we collect on confirmation just prior to your visit, all bookings are final
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Bunkhouse Request
One reservation per visit please. 
No Earlier than (2) Two Weeks Prior to your visit. 
We Will Call for PAYMENT  & CONFIRMATION The Day Prior to your visit.
Daytime number to confirm the reservation
Phone: (804) 716-2199    LakePhoenixVA@gmail.com
Lake Phoenix SCUBA Park & Family Campgrounds
Cottage Rules
1.No smoking, candles or fire allowed inside the Cottage.
2.No pets allowed inside Cottage.
3.No dive gear allowed inside Cottage.
4.No trash is to be left inside Cottage
5. You are responsible for cleaning upon departure.
6.No Shoes, food or drinks in the Loft or Beds.  
7.No Linen, towels, etc are provided. 
8.        Linens must be provided by you and used on the beds.

The following items or similar are inside this type cottage.  We will check these on your arrival and departure.  Please notify staff if something is found not to be in good working condition or there is something other needed.

1.TV and Remote
2.HVAC Unit Remote
3.Induction Cooking Top
4.Kuerig coffee maker. bring your Kuerig cups
5.Six mattresses, 2 sets bunk beds, 2 in loft, w/ Mattress Covers
6.Sectional / hide-a-bed / cot
7.Wet Jet cleaning kit
8.One cleaning pail
9.Fire Extinguisher
10.      Spatula, 2 Pot Spoons, Tongs 
11.      Can Opener
12.      Trash Can
13.      Set Measuring cups
14.      Microwave
15.      Refrigerator 
16.      Broom & dust pan
17.      Roku & Remote

 Sleeps up to 7
See below for Bunkhouse description & fees
$ 55.00 per person, per night

Bunks are assigned by staff on a first come basis. We will try and honor request.

* An additional one-time dewinterization/winterization fee of $25 per visit applies, winter season.  May be split amoung all bunkhouse users
Bunkhouse Type 1
Items may differ from those listed.
I understand that there is no refund once booked.